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Our Services

Discover exceptional service at Acetech Solar , where our expert team ensures a seamless solar installation experience, tailored to meet your energy goals with precision and care.

Solar System Installation

Discover the simplicity and reliability of solar system installation with Acetech Solar Solutions. Our dedicated and friendly team engages closely with you, understanding your unique energy needs. From the initial planning stages to the final connection, we ensure a seamless process, offering a hassle-free experience that transforms your home or business into a beacon of sustainable energy. Trust Acetech to bring the warmth of sunshine into your space with professionalism and expertise.

Net Metering

 Ever wondered how to make the most out of your solar system? Acetech’s net metering service provides the solution. This smart feature allows you to keep track of the power your system generates. Not only does it reduce your utility bills, but it also empowers you to use clean energy more efficiently. Picture it as a digital helper for your home, making it not just greener but also budget-friendly, creating a synergy between technology and environmental consciousness.

Earthing and Boring

Safety is paramount in the solar world, and Acetech Solar Solutions goes the extra mile to ensure your installation is not only safe but also efficient. Our experienced team takes special care in setting up your solar system securely. This commitment guarantees longevity and reliability, providing you with clean energy for years to come. At Acetech, we believe in making safety as simple as flipping a switch, securing your investment in sustainable energy with peace of mind.

Solar Accessories

 Elevate your solar experience with Acetech’s exclusive range of solar accessories. These ingenious tools and parts act as invaluable companions, enhancing the efficiency and durability of your solar setup. Meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with your system, our accessories go beyond the basics, ensuring that your solar journey receives an extra boost toward a brighter, more sustainable future. With Acetech, it’s not just about solar power; it’s about powering up your life with innovation and reliability.

Our Working Process



Begin your solar journey with a personalized consultation, where our experts understand your needs and guide you through the ideal sustainable energy solutions.



Receive a customized proposal detailing the perfect solar system for you, combining efficiency and cost-effectiveness to meet your unique requirements.



Experience hassle-free installation by our skilled team, ensuring your solar system is seamlessly integrated for optimal performance and longevity.



Post-installation, our thorough inspection ensures every component meets our high standards, providing you with a reliable and efficient solar solution.